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Note: The Real WifeCoin is ONLY on the Binance Smart Chain - Do NOT buy on Ethereum Network. Beware of scams and fakes


WifeCoin Club

Discover the Exclusive Benefits for WifeCoin Holders

Diamond Club

200+ Billion WifeCoin Tokens

First Chance at Presale Collaborations

Exclusive Offers for Our Utility

Private Club Telegram (Coming Soon)

Discounts on Products (future)

Gold Club

40+ Billion WifeCoin Tokens

Second Chance at Presale Collaborations

Limited Offers for Our Utility

Discounts on Products (future)

How Do I Become a Club Member?

Becoming a club member is simple. Purchase and hold the minimum required tokens for the respective clubs.

Note: if your wallet falls below (i.e. you sell or send tokens) then you will lose your club status.