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5 Year Roadmap

Discover What the Future of WifeCoin Holds

In our roadmap, we pay homage to some of the most notable women of history. Their contribution to the world is unquestionable and we honor them here.

Why are we keeping the details of the projects a secret? Unfortunately, the cryptosphere is polluted with copycats and people that want to steal ideas and make them their own. Each project has intellectual property and sensitive ideas that need to be shielded until the time is right. This protects both the present and future value of WifeCoin.

Project - Katherine Johnson

Status: In Development
Timeline: August, 2021

Project Katherine Johnson is an essential project that is necessary to ensure the stability and work flow of all other projects. The project will provide safety and security to both the team and the holders. The completion of this project is essential for the success of all future projects and will define WifeCoin. This is one of the most exciting stages of the journey for the team.

Project - Cleopatra

Revealed - Brand Ambassador

Status: Complete

Project Cleopatra will be a catalyst in bringing the WifeCoin name before the eyes of the masses. This is something that has been in the works for a good bit now and when it is announced will bring tremendous FOMO to many individuals. Project Cleopatra will also be an ongoing effort that will continue long after the announcement is made.

Project - Rosalind Franklin

Status: Dev Team in Place, Seed Funding Required
Timeline: Seed Funding - Early August, 2021

Project Rosalind Franklin is a project that has been in the works since the beginning. It is a utility that serves as a source of revenue and advertisement for the WifeCoin ecosystem. This project will have many different features and will be highly versatile, it may not necessarily be a unique utility to WifeCoin in particular, but it is a necessary component to any business venture in some capacity.

Project - Hedy Lemarr

Status: Project Specifications Finalized - Sourcing Partnership
Timeline: Q3 2021

Project Hedy Lemarr will be a tremendous utility that will put other similar utilities to shame. There is already a similar utility out there and you use it all the time. This project will be one of the strongest features of WifeCoin. The team has analyzed its competitor’s utility and found it lacking and unable to fix the features it is lacking because of the way the competitors code works. Project Hedy Lemarr will include all of the features the competitor lacks on launch and will continue to be optimized as opportunity to do so arises.

Project - Ella Fitzgerald

Status: Specifications in Development - In Talks with Potential Partnership
Timeline: Est. Q1 2022

Project Ella Fitzgerald is a WifeCoin project residing in a new sector of the cryptocurrency world. This particular project will receive a high priority for completion. Only a select few other projects have ventured into this particular subcategory of crypto. However, our project is going one step further and doing something that no other project has done yet. Project Ella Fitzgerald will give a sense of nostalgia to the user and also revolutionize this sector of the CryptoSphere. We have no doubt that we will be the first to do this and being the first in a crypto venture is a rare event.

Project - Ada Lovelace

Status: Early Development
Timeline: Postponed

Project Ada Lovelace makes acquiring WifeCoin much simpler. It will absolutely be a game changer. This will be a project that will evolve over time. The initial launch of Project Ada Lovelace will be a basic model and will have additional features added onto it until it is fully optimized with all features promised to the community.

Project - Helen Keller

Status: Basic Specifications Complete - Sourcing Partnership
Timeline: 2022

Project Helen Keller is an undertaking that largely caters to the theme and direction of Wifecoin. This project is another utility that takes crypto from the digital world to the physical world and deals with something that all couples interact with at some point in their relationship. This type of utility is highly advertised in the real world, throughout history, and in the future. It is timeless and will always remain relevant.

Project - Joan of Arc

Status: Early Discussions
Timeline: 2022

Project Joan of Arc is a project that we are confident can be completed when the opportunity presents itself. Project Joan of Arc, when completed, will be something that will cement WifeCoin in media history. With our contacts, we are at a much higher chance of completing this type of project than any other crypto out there. Essentially, with something like this project, people 50-100 years from now will run to google to learn more about what WifeCoin was. That is assuming we aren’t still around in 100 years being run by our legacies.

Project - Marie Curie

Status: Future Development
Timeline: No Estimate at this time

Project Marie Curie is an essential tool in the world of crypto. This utility will be multi-faceted and versatile. It will interact with other projects, both in the WifeCoin and general crypto realm. The project is a utility that other top tokens are also working on, keeping us up to speed with the ever-growing world of crypto. Project Marie Curie will be catered to our theme and will be the best utility to use when interacting with other projects that are on the WifeCoin roadmap.

Project - Maggie Lena Walker

Status: Future Development
Timeline: 2022

Project Maggie Lena Walker is another utility that is finding its way into many major tokens as of late. It seems necessary that WifeCoin pursue this utility as well because not only does Project Maggie Lena Walker serve as a way to earn WifeCoin, it also resonates very well with our theme. This utility will also be a cohesive addition to several of our other projects in the works. This is also something that can be expanded upon in the future.

Project - Harriet Tubman

Status: Future Development
Timeline: 2023

Project Harriet Tubman will be bringing the WifeCoin name into a realm untouched by any other project thus far. It is perfectly paired with the theme of WifeCoin and will include features that encourage users to stake their tokens. For Project Harriet Tubman to be successful, WifeCoin will need to have a certain level of notoriety and reach. The project will still be developed, but will not be released until certain holder and influence milestones are met.