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Note: The Real WifeCoin is ONLY on the Binance Smart Chain - Do NOT buy on Ethereum Network. Beware of scams and fakes

Collaboration with GucciCoin

The WifeCoin team is excited to announce the collaboration with the upcoming launch of GucciCoin. A combination of all things chic and the woman who has to have them; a match made in Fifth Avenue heaven.

The term Gucci has been adopted by the masses as a synonym to “Good”, “Elegant”, and “Luxurious”. GucciCoin aims to bring out everything “Gucci” in the cryptosphere.


Why GucciCoin?

The founder behind GucciCoin asked the team at WifeCoin to help them with their upcoming launch. He had an idea which has great synergy for the WifeCoin brand, but needed help launching and promoting the token. In exchange for our help, we’ve secured early access to the presale exclusively for WifeCoin holders and 2% of the GucciCoin transaction tax will be provided as alt-reflect rewards in the form of WifeCoin tokens.

The process of alternative reflection rewards is similar to liquidity buys on a basic token, only a portion of the transaction for GucciCoin will buy WifeCoin and distribute it as rewards to their holders. This will appear as a buy transaction in the WifeCoin ledger, reducing the circulating supply and pushing the price of WifeCoin upwards. It will also gain us precious holders and increase exposure for the WifeCoin brand.

Exclusive WifeCoin Holder Presale Details

The presale will be done in 3 stages:

  • Presale Opens – Diamond Level Holders – Min. 200b WifeCoin
  • 3 hours after presale Opens- Gold Level Holders – Min. 40b WifeCoin
  • 6 hours after presale opens- Available to the public

Holder amounts will be confirmed at time of presale to determine which stage your qualify for.

To get your access to the early presale opportunity fill out the form here:

Finally, we encourage everyone to join the GucciCoin Official Telegram group to join the launch party and keep up with what’s happening.