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Note: The Real WifeCoin is ONLY on the Binance Smart Chain - Do NOT buy on Ethereum Network. Beware of scams and fakes


WifeCoin is always right, even when it isn't


Contract Address: 0x099D065A79142fAf07990af94E57954aa134494b

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  • 100T Tokens

  • 50T Tokens Burned


100 Trillion

Nagging Tokens at Launch

50 Trillion

Reduction in Nagging
(Burned at Launch)

Tax On Every Transaction

  • 0%

    Wife-Approved Allowance
    (Reflected to Wallet Holders)

  • 0%

    Divorce Funds

  • 0%

    Shopping Allowance

  • 0%

    Wife burns through your paycheck
    (Token Burn)

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There's Something You Should Know about WifeCoin

Your mother adores her, your dog hates her, and you can't stand her; however none of that matters because YOU'RE WRONG. The guys made fun of you when you decided to tie the knot, well guess who's laughing now?... It's still them. This token is guaranteed to get on your nerves and disrupt any chance you have to relax after a hard day at work. Just remember it won't be like this forever, it's just until you die.

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What is WifeCoin?

WifeCoin is the embodiment of Elegance, Strength, and Class. A woman who enters the room and the world stands still. No jaw remains clenched and eyes no longer possess the ability to stray from her magnificence. Her inner strength reflects the countless struggles she has overcome. All others pale in comparison to her radiance and sophistication.

WifeCoin is the token you’ll be proud to have on your arm, proud to show off to the world, and proud to call your own. She will prove to be resilient when she falls and humble as she rises. She will grow to unimaginable heights and through her grace your portfolio will be born anew. She is a woman’s woman and a coin’s coin, she is WifeCoin.

What EXACTLY is WifeCoin?

WifeCoin is a deflationary reflect token seeking to redefine the relationship you have with your crypto. With an all-star team and positively engaged community, the organically grown environment surrounding WifeCoin incentivizes the idea of long-term holding. The marketing connections of WifeCoin are rivaled only by top tier tokens on the market today. WifeCoin has an interconnected web of personal connections throughout the music and film industry, as well as connections to the top influencers of the cryptosphere. 

The utility of WifeCoin comes in the form of currently in-progress platforms such as WifeSwap and WifeTracker. WifeSwap, when fully upgraded, will include swapping, staking, and yield farming capabilities. WifeTracker will be an advanced token tracking platform that will have a competitive edge against all other Binance Smart Chain centric tracking applications. The collective minds of WifeCoin are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to integrate WifeCoin into the daily lives of individuals and increase the utility of the token.

Nagging Questions (FAQ)

What slippage should I use for purchase?

For general volume purchase, it is suggested that you use a slippage of 11-12% to accommodate for the transaction tax and any movement of the price that may happen while your purchase is processing. For launch day, it is suggested to use a much higher slippage due to very high volume resulting in larger price movements over small periods of time.

What is the Contract ID?

The contract ID is available on the home page of the website and will also be posted here in the FAQ section after launch.

Is the liquidity locked in?

Yes, the liquidity is locked for 18 months with CryptEx. See link


There's a strange quirk to buying sometimes.

Changing the slippage amount and/or changing the last digital from a 0 to 1 in the WifeCoin amount purchased usually fixes the problem.

Where can I buy WifeCoin?

WifeCoin will be available on PancakeSwap V2 and can be purchased with Smart Chain BNB. You will also be able to purchase WifeCoin on Wifeswap when the success of the token facilitates the expenditure for development of the new platform.

Wen Lambo/Moon??

When you give WifeCoin what you can afford to lose, shill your heart out, and buy the dips to help her grow. Otherwise, without volume, growth, and diamond hands, the coin wont get to Lamborghini level gains; that is just basic crypto economics. If you don’t treat her right, she kills your Lambo dreams and you end up driving a minivan.

Wen CG/CMC??

CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap do not have minimum listing requirements displayed on their applications, however they do leave the listing up to their team discretion. If we do not have significant volume and holders at the time of application, we will either be denied or left in application limbo.

So, CG and CMC will come in due time as long as the community and team both do their parts to promote the coin. That being said, funding for marketing will come directly from the token success by way of value of the tokens stored within the marketing wallet.

There are other tracking platforms such as Blockfolio that do not require more than enough upvotes to be listed for tracking. Ultimately, the biggest exposure of a new token comes from the community spreading the word, so be sure to talk your WifeCoin up on all social media platforms.

I was contacted by someone claiming to be an admin/help desk for WifeCoin, is this real?

Wife coin developers and administrators will NEVER send you an unsolicited direct message. We also do NOT have a help desk or any other entity that acts in such a manner. Anyone reaching out to you without you having contacted them first, is a scammer. Remember to never connect your wallet to a site you do not trust, never give anyone your seed phrase for your wallet, and do not take any screenshots of your wallet QR code for them (they can use this to scan and connect your wallet to a fake exchange to steal your tokens).